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The International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center recently named an asteroid after local astronomer Patrick Corvan, (8515) Corvan

The citation, published in Minor Planet Circular 54173, reads: "(8515) Corvan = 1991 RJ Discovered 1991 Sept. 4 by R.H. McNaught at Siding Spring. Patrick G. Corvan has links with Armagh Observatory dating back to his school days. He is an avid observer whose enthusiasm for astronomy is readily communicated to others. His book and slide collections, as well as stories about the astronomers who have worked at or visited Armagh, are in much demand."

Patrick Corvan's association with the Armagh Observatory started over half a century ago when he became acquainted with the then Director, Dr Eric Mervyn Lindsay. Lindsay gave Patrick tuition in the operation and use of the Observatory's 10-inch refractor and he has been using the instrument ever since. Patrick was appointed to the staff of the Armagh Planetarium in 1975. He became involved in conducting the monthly public viewing sessions with the Planetarium's 16-inch Cassegrain reflector. His services were much in demand in answering questions on astronomy from the general public and researchers during his entire career at the Planetarium. Patrick retired from the Armagh Planetarium on 2005 March 17 after almost thirty years in post.

John McConnell, Kathleen Corvan, Pat Corvan, Terry Moseley and Mark Bailey

  Location Celbridge, County Kildare, Ireland
  Date/Time (UTC) 17 Feb 2006 22:42 - 23:36
  Optics 200mm SCT F6.3
  Filters None
  Imager Meade DSI-C
  Mount Astro-physics 1200GTO
  Exposure details 90 seconds * 24 images
  Software MaximDL, Photoshop 7
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