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(16693) Moseley = 1994 YC2 Discovered 1994 Dec. 26 by D.J. Asher at Siding Spring. Terence J.C.A. Moseley (b. 1946), editor of Stardust , 1992 Aidan P. Fitzgerald Medallist and founding member of the Irish Federation of Astronomical Societies, was the first amateur to use the recently restored six-foot Birr telescope in September 2001. The name was suggested by J.C. McConnell.

Terry's interest in astronomy began over 45 years ago. In March 1963 he acquired a book by Patrick Moore, the Observer's Book of Astronomy, and he was hooked. He got to know Patrick Moore very well during his period as first Director of the Armagh Planetarium. Patrick invited Terry to use the Observatory's 10-inch refractor and Terry used the instrument for extensive observations of the Moon, the planets Jupiter and Saturn, variable stars, and many other objects. Following Patrick's resignation as Director of the Planetarium in 1968, Terry served briefly as acting Director of the Planetarium from June to September that year.

Terry subsequently graduated in Psychology at The Queen's University of Belfast in 1969. He later moved to Belfast and has served on the Council of the Irish Astronomical Association continuously since 1977. He has served three terms as President of the Association (9 years), a record for this position, and is currently the Editor of the Association's publication, Stardust.

Terry has made many appearances on radio and television, including one on the BBC programme The Sky at Night, and is the author of a book entitled Reaching for the Stars, published by Pergamon in 1975. He also helped with the restoration and testing of the large reflecting telescope at the Earl of Rosse's observatory at Birr Castle in Co. Offaly, known as the Leviathan of Parsonstown . He is an extremely active observer, an enthusiastic lecturer on astronomy, and the author of numerous commentaries and scientific articles. On hearing about the 10-kilometre diameter asteroid named "Moseley" , he said "I am totally gobsmacked: almost as if I had been hit by the thing itself!"

At the time this image was taken, Moseley was magnitude 17.6

  Location J65 Celbridge Observatory, Co. Kildare, Ireland
  Date/Time (UTC) 14 Sept 2007 22:30
  Optics 0.36m SCT; Astro-Physics 1200GTO
  Filters None
  Imager Finger Lakes ProLine 1001E
  Exposure details 60 seconds * 44
  Software MaximDL, Photoshop 7
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