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For further details on how to "blink" images, please see here.

Please report all results using this template (some examples are included to demonstrate the requirements) and then email the text file to me here.

If you wish to download all images (zipped), click on the date(s) you require:

2007 12 02 (13 Mb)
2007 12 07 (25 Mb)
2007 12 16 (10 Mb)
2008 01 05 (24 Mb)
2008 02 12 (26 Mb)
2008 02 13 (6.5 Mb)

  Latest Image 1º comparison 2º comparison Blink Required?
  NGC0009 NGC0009 NGC0009 No
  NGC0014 NGC0014 NGC0014 Yes
  NGC0015 NGC0015 NGC0015 No
  NGC0016 NGC0016 NGC0016 Yes
  NGC0023 NGC0023 NGC0023 No
  NGC0036 NGC0036 NGC0036 No
  NGC0041 NGC0041 NGC0041 No
  NGC0052 NGC0052 NGC0052 No
  NGC0095 NGC0095 NGC0095 No
  NGC0128 NGC0128 NGC0128 No
  NGC0180 NGC0180 NGC0180 No
  NGC0194 NGC0194 NGC0194 No
  NGC0200 NGC0200 NGC0200 No
  NGC0383 NGC0383 NGC0383 No
  NGC0410 NGC0410 NGC0410 No
  NGC0500 NGC0500 NGC0500 No
  NGC0660 NGC0660 NGC0660 No
  NGC0676 NGC0676 NGC0676 No
  NGC1003 NGC1003 NGC1003 Yes
  NGC1023 NGC1023 NGC1023 Yes
  NGC1050 NGC1050 NGC1050 No
  NGC1058 NGC1058 NGC1058 No
  NGC1086 NGC1086 NGC1086 No
  NGC1106 NGC1106 NGC1106 No
  NGC1130 NGC1130 NGC1130 No
  NGC1138 NGC1138 NGC1138 No
  NGC1160 NGC1160 NGC1160 No
  NGC1167 NGC1167 NGC1167 Yes
  NGC1169 NGC1169 NGC1169 No
  NGC1171 NGC1171 NGC1171 No
  NGC1175 NGC1175 NGC1175 No
  NGC1186 NGC1186 NGC1186 No
  NGC1198 NGC1198 NGC1198 No
  NGC1207 NGC1207 NGC1207 Yes
  NGC1213 NGC1213 NGC1213 Yes
  NGC1250 NGC1250 NGC1250 Yes
  NGC1293 NGC1293 NGC1293 Yes
  NGC1530 NGC1530 NGC1530 Yes
  NGC1560 NGC1560 NGC1560 Yes
  NGC2146 NGC2146 NGC2146 Yes
  NGC2500 NGC2500 NGC2500 Yes
  NGC2503 NGC2503 NGC2503 No
  NGC2505 NGC2505 NGC2505 Yes
  NGC2512 NGC2512 NGC2512 No
  NGC2513 NGC2513 NGC2513 Yes
  NGC2514 NGC2514 NGC2514 Yes
  NGC2523 NGC2523 NGC2523 Yes
  NGC2528 NGC2528 NGC2528 No
  NGC2532 NGC2532 NGC2532 No
  NGC2534 NGC2534 NGC2534 Yes
  NGC2535 NGC2535 NGC2535 No
  NGC2537 NGC2537 NGC2537 No
  NGC2540 NGC2540 NGC2540 No
  NGC2541 NGC2541 NGC2541 No
  NGC2543 NGC2543 NGC2543 No
  NGC2544 NGC2544 NGC2544 No
  NGC2545 NGC2545 NGC2545 No
  NGC2549 NGC2549 NGC2549 No
  NGC2551 NGC2551 NGC2551 No
  NGC2554 NGC2554 NGC2554 Yes
  NGC2575 NGC2575 NGC2575 No
  NGC2595 NGC2595 NGC2595 No
  NGC2599 NGC2599 NGC2599 No


NGC2604 NGC2604 No
  NGC2607 NGC2607 NGC2607 Yes
  NGC2608 NGC2608 NGC2608 No
  NGC2614 NGC2614 NGC2614 Yes
  NGC2619 NGC2619 NGC2619 Yes
  NGC2620 NGC2620 NGC2620 Yes
  NGC2628 NGC2628 NGC2628 Yes
  NGC2629 NGC2629 NGC2629 Yes
  NGC2639 NGC2639 NGC2639 Yes
  NGC2646 NGC2646 NGC2646 Yes
  NGC2648 NGC2648 NGC2648 Yes
  NGC2649 NGC2649 NGC2649 Yes
  NGC2654 NGC2654 NGC2654 Yes
  NGC2655 NGC2655 NGC2655 No
  NGC2672 NGC2672 NGC2672 Yes
  NGC2681 NGC2681 NGC2681 Yes
  NGC2683 NGC2683 NGC2683 Yes
  NGC2684 NGC2684 NGC2684 Yes
  NGC2685 NGC2685 NGC2685 Yes
  NGC2692 NGC2692 NGC2692 Yes
  NGC2701 NGC2701 NGC2701 Yes


NGC2712 NGC2712 Yes
  NGC2715 NGC2715 NGC2715 Yes
  NGC2726 NGC2726 NGC2726 Yes
  NGC2732 NGC2732 NGC2732 Yes
  NGC2742 NGC2742 NGC2742 Yes
  NGC2746 NGC2746 NGC2746 Yes
  NGC2748 NGC2748 NGC2748 No
  NGC2750 NGC2750 NGC2750 Yes
  NGC2756 NGC2756 NGC2756 Yes
  NGC2985 NGC2985 NGC2985 No
  NGC3027 NGC3027 NGC3027 No
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